works made in 2015

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a Brief History of Mankind


A symbolic triptych about mortality of mankind, and finally finding True Life in spirituality and not in physicallity. So it´s all there: Joy, sadness, resillience, growth, learning, hoping, finding and so much more. In brief: History of Mankind

Beguines dancing tryptich


Four of my Old Aunts were Beguines in Breda and Hoogstraten (Belgium) Brave and honorable sisters in faith. For that reason and about a century later, I wanted to show the connection between their world en the ¨outside¨ world.

Big Fish


This person has caught a big fish, because he does not avoid big challenges, and he knows what he wants. He now lives in (at least) two different worlds at the same time...and so he is mainly busy and on the road with ¨again another Big Fish¨



Cora is famous in Breda. She lives at Begijnhof and knows everybody. And everybody in Breda knows her. In a few days she will be 70 and still busy in archeology, history, writing books and many other things.

New World


A New World is born around us. Preferrably without mega-companies or corporates or big countries or groups of countries or other big sized organisations that only work through legalized theft, power and egotripping. That just want to rob our world and leave our Nature completely destroyed and without any future. May be a New World is born; built on a more human size and properties; where every individual is valued and honored and has own responsibilities. A world without money or power groups and without politics. But a world based on love for our Nature and each other. May be it still is a big dream, that I like to dream.