Painting (oil on canvas and wood and masonite panels) I do for about 50 and then. My works are my spiritual combings that challenge me as well every day.

Geometric elements and colortechnical ´tensions´ are preferrably present in my work as tangible representatives of feelings, thougts and emotions.

My recent works show affinity with Magical and Symbolic Realism. Symbolic elements as bearers of spiritual values. I also feel relationship with Aboriginal Art, where spirit and body are visualised with dots and lines, patterns and colors. My paintings are mostly untold contents of thougts and ideas and they carry unseen elements of coherence of what I experience as reality.

Many elements in my work, like: trees, birds and undulating landscapes and patterns return in different forms.
Trees represent connections between spiritual and physical elements; like ¨heaven and earth¨, animals represent spiritual values and my landscapes are the setting where these elements come together to show their overall coherence in all matter and mind.

In fact that was also how it started about 48 years ago (born 1947, autodidact) :
My very first painting was a tiny bird, a dead wren from along the road, and still warm when I found it....Its life was lost but not the impact of it. The strong symbolic feeling of being ´Part of a Greater  Whole´, but also the human frustration, has never left me since.
May be this is why I do not like selling my works and expositions for me are rather exceptional,
...but all things are meant to change in time!

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